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Guest Comments

09 July 2009: Andrew, Ros, Katie and Drew - RSA: "Rooms were excellent and staff always more than accommodating".

13 October 2008: Danish Gymnastics Team - Denmark: "Thank you for the accommodation, it was fantastic and the staff too".

23 October 2008: Tobie & Chrissie Wilken - RSA: "Thanks for your helpfulness you all are very friendly".

17 November 2008: Boz & Voz Kremzar - Slovenia: "Absolutely lovely in every way".

02 January 2009: Le Gros & Pou Droux Families - France: "Wonderful place".

Three Star Grading

Tourism Grading Council
South Africa



If you are e-mailing me because you were unhappy with your stay at St. Lucia Safari Lodge. I firstly need to  apologise for anything that was not in line with your expectation, I promise to do all in my power to resolve the  issue and to implement measures that will prevent recurrence. If something is wrong with our services or facilities we gladly would like to know about in order to rectify it.

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